What is UNITECR?

The organization of UNITECR was established in 1987 in Tokyo by the founding members.

Founding Members

  • American Ceramic Society(ACerS).
  • The Technical Association of Refractories, Japan (TARJ).
  • German Refractories Association(GRA).
  • Association Latinoamericana de Fabricantes de Refractarios(ALAFAR).

Principal Members

  • Chinese Ceramic Society (CCS)
  • Indian Refractory Makers Association (IRMA)
  • Fédération Européenne des Fabricants de Produits Réfractaires (PRE)

The official governing body is the UNITECR International Executive Board (IEB), composed of representatives of the Founding Member Organizations, the Principal Member Organizations, and certain individuals elected to the IEB as Distinguished Life Members.The IEB is an international non-profit organization existing to contribute to the progress and exchange of industrial knowledge and technologies concerning refractories according to its official By-Laws.

The IEB of UNITECR has sanctioned worldwide congresses in the following locations.

UNITECR 1989 ACerS Anaheim/USA
UNITECR 1991 GRA Aachen/Germany
UNITECR 1993 ALAFAR Sao Paulo/Brazil
UNITECR 1995 TARJ Kyoto/Japan
UNITECR 1997 ACerS New Orleans/USA
UNITECR 1999 GRA Berlin/Germany
UNITECR 2001 ALAFAR Cancun/Mexico
UNITECR 2003 TARJ Osaka/Japan
UNITECR 2005 ACerS Orlando/ USA
UNITECR 2007 GRA Dresden/ Germany
UNITECR 2009 ALAFAR Salvador/ Brazil