Paper Submission Information

You need to submit the following papers for UNITECR2011.

The deadline for abstract submission extended to January 11, 2011
* 24:00(Japan time = GMT+09:00)

1. Registration-Abstract

Registration-Abstract within 100 words should be registered by Dec 31st, 2010 January 11, 2011 in online submission page below. Login to your web account, with your registered e-mail, and password.

2. Abstract & Proceeding

The conference organizer will be reviewing the Registration-Abstracts. A guidance for the Abstract & Proceeding submission will be provided in January 2011 to the accepted Authors. Please complete the registration of Abstract & Proceeding by May 31st, 2011.

Paper Submission System Information

You must take following three steps to submit your papers in UNITECR2011.

Step 1. Acquire Web Account. (Corresponding Author Submission)

If you do not have a web account for submission of your Registration-Abstract , Abstract and paper, you need to acquire one (if you have two papers to be submitted, you need to acquire two accounts) from the following online submission page. Then, click Account Information on that page.
You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail after creating your web account.

Step 2. Submit Co-Authors Information.

Once you signed up, you need to submit the Co-Authors Information to the following Co-Authors Information submission page. You can submit up to 10 Co-Authors.

Step 3. Submit your Registration-Abstract.

Your Registration-Abstract should be filled in the text-box on the following Registration-Abstract submission page and be no more than 100 words.